Getting a flawless paint finish is made easy with wall putty. It creates a strong foundation for the paint by providing an even & smooth surface to colour over. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or are planning to repaint your rooms, it will ensure that your new paint lasts longer to give out the first-day appearance throughout the year. Are you planning to get your home painted but have identified some problem areas on the walls? Worry not, as this is exactly where wall putty excels. Applying wall putty on your walls before getting them painted ensures a smooth and even finish!

There are many uses for wall putty, most commonly it is applied before the final paint so that the life of the paint increases. The best part about wall putty is that it can be used on both dry and wet walls, and also be applied on interior as well as exterior wall finishing. However, before you begin, it is extremely important to know the process of putty application for exceptional results.

Paint & Putty

Strictly speaking, wall putty is a fine powder made of white cement which is mixed with water & other additives to create a solution that is applied to the wall. If you apply the solution properly, it fills the cracks, imperfections, & gaps in the wall to create an even base for your paint. The smooth mixture of wall putty & water fits perfectly over any type of wall to create a flawless surface in the interior or exterior of your house.

Generally, professional painters apply two coats of Indigo wall putty before painting any surface. The first coat fills in the imperfections and the second coat ensures that the coated surface & the wall are in one line with each other. You can use the putty over dry walls. They can also be applied conveniently over plastered walls as they are applied over concrete walls. Their versatility makes them the best choice for painting any types of walls.

Benefits of Using Wall Putty

Wall putty paint gives a smoother finish to the wall.
It effectively waterproofs the wall and retains moisture.
It does not flake easily to damage your wall.
You can use wall putty to increase the lifespan of your expensive paint.
The paint is glued perfectly to the wall with the help of a wall putty colour.